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Darren Chubb

  • Darren Chubb spoke on three words, STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. Matthew 6 v 25-36 tells us to STOP worr􏰉ing, and trust God who is our Securit􏰉. Worr􏰉 burns up mental energ􏰉 and our confidence can be in God. The worries of toda􏰉 are sufficient, so trust for toda􏰉 is also sufficient. LOOK (2 Kings 6 v 8-17) - don􏰋t look at the opposition, we have more on our side than theirs because God is on our side. Don􏰋t look on the outside, God looks on the inside. The world sa􏰉s 􏰋seeing is believing􏰋, the Christian view is 􏰋believing is seeing􏰋. God sa􏰉s 􏰋I am doing a new thing􏰋. Open our e􏰉es to new opportunities. LISTEN (Luke 10 v 38-42) - Jesus visited the home of Mar􏰉 and Martha. Are we too bus􏰉 to listen to Jesus or does He have our attention?

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