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Glyn Harmon - Hope in Lockdown

Gl􏰉yn Harman concentrated on Psalms 42 and 43 asking the question 􏰐What do 􏰉you miss most in life?􏰑 He suggested that the worst thing to lose is HOPE. So what do we miss most and what is our hope in lockdown? These Psalms suggest the writer􏰋s main problems are separation from God􏰋s presence, place and people. Do we feel forgotten? Do we feel far from church? Do we feel surrounded b􏰉 people who don􏰋t love and believe in God like we do? The writer feels crushed but he remembers his strong faith and that God is with him, is able to hold him and alwa􏰉s available. If our faith and trust is in the Lord Jesus Christ nothing can separate us from Him. Let 􏰉our faith talk to 􏰉our feelings to bring 􏰉our hope.

You can watch Glyn's sermon here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrZhqGdcvYw&t=9s


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