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TRUST in God: trust also in me’.  John 14 v 1

We are a friendly family-spirited church that has been truly blessed to actively serve the local community for over 82 years, following the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Church view B     As Easter approaches we reminded ourselves of the scene at Jesus’ trial as we tried to imagine what this was like.  It made us look again at the suffering and injustice that Jesus endured as He went to the cross for us.  

      Good Friday   Easter Sunday

The world was against Him then as it still is today, but on Easter Sunday we can celebrate the fact of His resurrection, proclaiming Him as our living Lord and Saviour which no other faith can boast of. 

Jamie Carrington officially opened his kitchen at Culver Church. We had Afternoon Tea after the service. 

JC Tea party

If you don't mind please could you take a survey on your experience at Jamies Kitchen today. Thank You! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5BJHTWC

Jamie Carrington

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