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TRUST in God: trust also in me’  John 14 v 1

We are a friendly family-spirited church that has been truly blessed to actively serve the local community for over 82 years following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We have a diverse range of services, sermons, activities and meal gatherings for you to take part in. Check out our monthly church diary, social media & noticeboard to engage in what is taking place.

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On Sunday 24th February, we celebrated the birthday of one of our sponsored children named Mutu from Rwanda, who will be 15 at the end of the month. Please pray for her as we read that the Rwandan government has shut down approximately 7,000 churches in the past year.       Happy Birthday Mutu! 


Our Winter Barbeque went ahead after service on Sunday 3rd February, cooking a selection of meat & veg, plus marshmallows above the fire which the kids enjoyed. Thank you  to Richard, Hudson, Aaron, Bethany and everyone who brought food, drinks & desserts.

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