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©2023 by Culver Church

About us

Together, we study God's Word from the Bible to learn how we can better serve and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. As you will notice from our Church Diary each month we have Communion, Sunday Worship, Guest Speakers, Meals & Prayer Breakfast.

With the Lord's guidance and prayer the leadership & church members are working together to generate a revised Church Vision & Mission for us to grow.

Meet the team:
Mr P Mann

Pastoral Support Worker

Ms S Nicholls
Mr R Hilsden

Leadership Member & Trustee

Ms P Carrington
Ms A Turner
Ms S Saler

Leadership Member

Mr N Carrington

Leadership Member & Trustee


Thank you to our Leadership Team, Media /Social Media Team, AV Team and who have been all working very hard this year to make us who we are. We also want to thank you for coming to our services because without you we wouldn't be here. We look forward for an even better year in 2019 so join us on a new adventure and find out what exciting things that we will be doing this year.