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Sunday 13th October 2019 - 11.00am Morning Worship: Keith Bentley

Keith Bentley took a mini series on some events in the life of Elijah as described in 1 Kings chapter 18.  Elijah had enjoyed seeing God triumph over the false prophets of Baal and wicked King Ahab, only to feel despondent over the threats to his life by Queen Jezebel.  Feeling discouraged and alone he ran away (chapter 19) but God saw Elijah’s depression and, with patience and gentleness, seeks to reassure Elijah of His presence and constant love.  

The devil likes to put doubts in our minds and test our faith.  Our hope needs to be in our faithful God who tells us to ’fear not’ and to ’trust and obey’.  Having run away from God (so he thinks) Elijah finds that God is still there and has work for him to do.  Elijah returns after a very long journey to complete the task God has for him and to meet the man Elisha, who will continue the work after Elijah (2 Kings chapter 2).  God may lead us on an unexpected journey in order to carry out His purposes for us.  Are we willing to walk with God wherever he leads and to hand over the ’baton’ to others as we serve the Lord together?     

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