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 'Connecting people to Jesus' 

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Culver Church is going through some changes, so please bear with us during this time of transition. We are still very much OPEN! We hope to see you soon - please check back for updates!

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Thank you to Anisa Gill who came on the 1st February to give her testimony on how she found Christ. Listen to the audio only version here:

On the 15th of September Foluso came to speak to us about the work of Compassion. She spoke to us that sponsoring even one child can change the future for him/her completely.

Our Carols by Candlelight service was amazing this year. Click here to read and watch some videos on the event.




Watch some our sermons here

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On the 8th of March Neil O'Boyle, from Youth for Christ, came to speak to us about the work that goes on at YFC around the country. YFC are encouraging young people across the world to welcome Jesus into their lives. They 'believe that the Gospel changes lives'.


Neil gave a scenario of a man named Mick who was in prison and he went round to all the other inmates preaching about. The other inmates renamed him from 'Mick' to 'Jesus' and that was what he was known as throughout the prison. We need to keep encouraging more young people to come and 'live within us' and to bring more people closer to Christ. You can listen to his sermon here

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 ‘Let your HOPE keep you joyful’. 

 Romans 12 v 12 

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Our word for 2023: "Connect"

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